Mission Statement


After years of being erased and overlooked from the burlesque history books, I decided to create my own dynasty and celebrate my own power. Burlesque Pageants have been around for decades, but there aren’t many Performers of Color who have been crowned or celebrated. I believe it’s time for a change. My mission is to promote glamour and to create opportunities for the POC burlesque community. I want to create a platform to help them become headliners, educators, and savvy entrepreneurs. I'm a proud burlesque queen who believes in protesting against ignorance and the limited celebration of people who look like me. I've made it my mission to showcase the beauty and opulence of brown skin. Glamour has many faces. Burlesque has many faces. History will not repeat itself.



Applications are live!

Please be advised that anyone with a beating heart, fierce spirit, love for burlesque, artistry and glamour can apply to compete in the Noire Pageant. However, the mission of The Noire Pageant is to showcase performers of color and high-end glamour.

The Pageant will commence on March 12-15 2020 in NYC. More details coming soon.


Take Action

Ready to take the next step? You can become a contributor to our cause! Perle Noire needs your help to produce the most grand and successful POC pageant in burlesque history! Donate today!