A statement from Perle Noire

Some people have asked me why I feel the need to create a POC Burlesque Pageant and Hall of Fame. Well, when I landed my first burlesque gig in 2003, I had a hard time finding burlesque queens who had my features. I started searching for beautiful and glamorous burlesque performers who looked like me, but the limited archives of live performances of POC burlesque entertainers left me heartbroken and discouraged. I was convinced that I didn't belong in the world of burlesque. After all, the majority of the women who are revered do not look like me. Josephine Baker's career was unprecedented, yet I could only find short clips of her live groundbreaking performances. Thankfully, we can witness the living legends magic at The Burlesque Hall of Fame Weekender and many burlesque festivals around the world. However, I would love to play a small part in securing the future of POC burlesque history by creating headliner opportunities and acknowledging the importance of representation. I want to make sure that history doesn't repeat itself. I want future generations to have access to archives and a pageant to call their own.

I am not interested in taking anything away from any organization, producer, or other POC events. My goal is to help secure a POC legacy and Hall of Fame for our living legends and upcoming legends. My dream is to ensure a legacy for the future.

With love,

Perle Noire

A message from Tutu Toussaint

The 10 Reasons why NOT to stress about applying to the Noire Pageant.

1. You don’t need Swarovski crystals, you only need to shine from within.

2. There’s an 8 MINUTE TIME LIMIT so there won’t be any awkward music cursor racing to get off your panties to reach the awful 3-minute finish line.

3. You have 9 months to polish your act and upgrade your costume if you so desire. 

4. You have 9 months to save for a fabulous weekend trip to NEW YORK CITY! Woooot!!!!

5. Unlike some applications, you can complete the Noire Pageant application in less than 5 minutes.

6. You will essentially score a mini-mentorship with THE Perle Noire on your accepted act. 

7. Your submission video does not need to be professional nor a live performance. It just needs to be a clear and moderately close video of you performing your act (rehearsal videos accepted).

8. If you read thru the website for information on what to expect you are already prepared to take the leap.

9. You can opt to compete or to non-compete at another weekend event. Oh, the options!

10. Either way, this is the first event of its kind so you will be helping to create and become a part of HISTORY! Now that is amazing in itself.

High-end glamour is a state of mind, darlings. Not crystals and debt.

High-end glamour is a state of mind, darlings. I am more concerned with how much time you spend connecting to your act versus the time you spend applying crystals. Yes, crystals look beautiful on stage, but I don’t want anyone neglecting the beauty of connecting with their soul, the audience, and their truth in order to present an obvious presentation of glamour.

La Baker Matte.jpg

Pageant Tip

💎Noire Pageant Tip💎

I don’t believe in the phrase “extra”. I do however believe in the phrase “basic”. 💅🏾🤷🏾‍♀️

As you prepare for the pageant, I would love for you to start with some healing work so you won’t feel the pressure to dim your light to fit in with the BASIC NATION. Remember, people of color inspire great designers every single day! Glamour belongs to us!!